ASPIRE4SPORT2013 Congress and Expo. November 16-19, Aspire Dome Doha, Qatar

Whether you are in the business of sports or looking to get involved in the industry, ASPIRE4SPORT is your destination.

2013 will bring the 4th edition of ASPIRE4SPORT , a recognized world-class conference and the Middle East's leading sports business congress and exhibition.

2 conferences will take place during ASPIRE4SPORT 2013: Coliseum (16th-17th of Nov) and Host Cities (18th-19th of Nov) Both conferences are organized by MJR Communications.

Coliseum is the leading global knowledge-sharing platform for the stadium, arena and celebration venue industry. Coliseum is uniting local knowledge and international expertise in order to contribute solutions to the various challenges related to the sport venues business all around the world.
Host Cities: How leadership, international know-how and local expertise can assist host cities in delivering successful and sustainable major events.
Exhibition Opening Hours:  2pm - 7pm
Coliseum Conf:  10am - 7pm
Host Cities Conf:  2pm - 7pm
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ASPIRE4SPORT 2013 Brings Major Announcements on its 3rd day

Doha, November 18, 2013 – A number of announcements took place today at the 3rd day of ASPIRE4SPORT 2013. Announced at ASPIRE4SPORT 2013 today, a press conference was held with International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) and Qatar Stars League announcing their sport integrity partnership.

The ‘Sport Integrity Best Practice’ partnership will see the ICSS and QSL collaborate to monitor matches in the 2nd leg of 2013.14 QSL season and the Heir Apparent Cup. The agreement will include the introduction of vulnerable match-alert and suspicious match-reporting systems as well as a range of seminars and workshops to educate and instill best practice in appreciating, resisting, preventing, and responding to match fixing.

Meanwhile, Gulf Crafts has announced, following the company's strong success in marketing their Awards and Signage products, they will use ASPIRE4SPORT as a platform to introduce a brand new spectrum of services in Events Branding. As a company based out of Qatar, Gulf Crafts is in a unique position of strength to export their products and services to other markets while other companies based in the country are importing from other markets. 


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World Sports Company also announced a new initiative with legendary footballer BasileBoli that will see the best footballers of the world participate in a “Veterans World Cup” to take place in Qatar, which will see over 200 international players above 35 years old come to Qatar and demonstrate their great skills.

The initiative is supported by world-class stars including ZinedineZedane, Paolo Maldini, Emilio Butragueno, among many others.

Dr.MichaelD'Hooghe, Member of the FIFA Executive Committee, was a keynote speaker on the topic of medical infrastructure for FIFA World Cup host cities. He said although host cities have tremendous other planning to undertake, medical planning is still key and important decisions must be made. "FIFA will work closely with medical authorities in Doha as each country has its own unique characteristics and systems in place". He added that he was confident that Qatar's preparedness will be world-class and that the country will host one of the best World Cup events.

A debate was held on how major events can have positive ramifications for a city, in both social and financial senses. The panel comprised ManfieldMandigora, Assistant Director, Infrastructure & Capital Projects, Deloitte &Touche Julian Yeomans, Business Director, Fast Track Qatar, and Simon Cory-Wright, Director, TSE Consulting, ME. The panel were confident that country's that host major events such as FIFA World Cup can develop their economies as much as 10 to 12 years ahead of time. However legacy planning will be key in curbing costs in the future once these events have come and gone. 

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As one of the most effective tools achieving its 2020 group vision “to be the reference for Sports Excellence worldwide”, Aspire Zone Foundation annually holds ASPIRE4SPORT since 2010 as the first event of its kind in the Middle East that is allocated only for sport industry and for those who are involved in this profession.

ASPIRE4SPORT designed and fruitfully worked as a platform for world-leading sports personalities, managers, decision-makers, and sporting gurus to discuss the latest trends, technologies, breakthroughs, and hot-button issues in the world of sport.

In its 4th edition of 2013, ASPIRE4SPORT is becoming the Middle East’s leading sports industry congress and exhibition, which creates unique opportunities for companies wishing to tap into the region’s fast-growing sports business industry.

Turning into the regional hub attracting sporting legends as well as businessmen; ASPIRE4SPORT is your ultimate destination whether you are in the business of sports or looking to get involved in the industry.


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